A robust and information-packed package that makes the perfect study aid match for the online course. DevOps is at the intersection of providing stable flow of product development, management of dynamic Cloud solutions and development acceleration. Do you want to get essential DevOps skills and lay the foundation for a more in-depth study?

  • After planning is complete, developers will begin building code and engage in subsequent tasks such as code review, code merges, and code management in a shared repository.
  • You will receive your course login & exam voucher details when the course goes live.
  • A final exam makes sure that you’ve understood all the concepts covered in the learning path, and helps you to identify any potential areas for further study.
  • This course covers all 12 key knowledge and skill competencies defined by DASA to ensure you acquire a solid knowledge of DevOps concepts and terminology.

Orchestration refers to a set of automated tasks that are built into a single workflow to solve a group of functions such as managing containers, launching a new web server, changing a database entry, and integrating a web application. More simply, orchestration helps devops fundamentals configure, manage, and coordinate the infrastructure requirements an application needs to run effectively. A final exam makes sure that you’ve understood all the concepts covered in the learning path, and helps you to identify any potential areas for further study.

Is this training in creating a CI/CD pipeline associated with any certifications?

Improved workflows and faster deployment start with a core understanding of DevOps fundamental concepts by anyone involved in an Agile or DevOps team. The Badge holder has shown an understanding of the DASA DevOps Fundamentals. The qualification is designed to provide the core education necessary to build your DevOps vocabulary and to understand its principles and practices.

So it is imperative that both teams are brought together to understand where they both can collaborate and integrate tools which makes sense to both of them and to unify the objective and metrics they can monitor. However, there is a high entry barrier to change to a microservice driven system. Adopting Microservice architecture requires best DevOps practices along with CI/CD implementation to be in place. It brings enormous workloads and operational challenges for an organization along with increased cost factor. DevOps practice is all about integrating teams together and breaking down silos within IT organizations.

DASA DevOps Fundamentals™ Self-study Guide

The learning path then carries on to Introduction to Operations, since, once you’ve got your deployment up and running, you then need to know how to keep the operations running smoothly. That then leads to the final hands-on lab in the series, in which you’ll learn how to monitor your operations in AWS by building a log aggregation system. This is the perfect place to start for anyone looking to understand the practical aspects of DevOps and get a solid foundation in the subject. It will help you determine how best to apply DevOps practices within your organization.

devops fundamentals

It is interesting to note that a growing number of IT operations and development professionals are pushing to include other areas in the DevOps domain, such as business , security , and more. And lastly, DevOps’ ability to work in tandem with other development avenues gives it an advantage over older methodologies. DevOps, at its core, is a collaborative effort that essentially takes individual teams out of their narrow silos to a more cohesive workflow. The goal of a DevOps environment is to ensure that every process, from development to deployment, is well defined and each team member is fully involved in the overall workflow.

Yes, I want to know the fundamentals of DevOps

Furthermore, its impacts can also be observed on the provided services, job roles, tools, and the accepted best practices within the industry. By contrast, DevOps methodology fundamentally seeks to bring large, historically siloed teams together to enable faster software development and release cadences. The team will release a new iterative version of an application to end users.

  • They have to be more closer to their customers and need to constantly innovate to keep them engaged.
  • How do you manage and streamline the development and delivery of a complex software project?
  • In today’s business environment, applications and softwares being scalable is a vital requirement.
  • DevOps practices are often handled by many roles and some companies have dedicated DevOps Engineers.

Podcast: How To Achieve Sustainable Remote Working

Working remotely is not for everyone, some people thrive on the buzz of being in an office, with the banter and camaraderie and working remotely for them means feeling lonely and depressed. From the extreme, where I was aboard a yacht in the Atlantic Ocean using a Thuraya satellite phone to connect a tiny laptop over a 9600baud satellite link. To using a 3G mobile hotspot device with a slightly larger laptop when cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats. To using free WiFi in McDonalds or a Library and a mobile workstation. To just plain working from home with high-speed broadband and a multi-screen setup with three additional client laptops on my desk.

Improper sitting postures generate a lot of strain on the human body which, over time, can lead to serious medical issues. TNC is the leading network and telecoms consultancy, we are here to answer your questions and share our unique industry insights. For audio editing and live monitoring the closed-back headphones are a must have. They’re my luxury item too, listening to music on a professional set of headphones is a wonderful experience. A word to the wise though, it’s almost impossible to edit audio with Bluetooth headphones, there is far too much latency and what you’re hearing is way behind the play head.


The Philips VoiceTracer gives me professional quality voice recording which I can access via WiFi, and that lets me use my tablet as a kind of autocue. Once recorded everything gets uploaded to OneDrive to ensure I have a backup and can easily access the recordings back at the office if I’m not editing while remote. I use just a Samsung Galaxy Tab A which I tether to my Nokia 7.2 phone working as a mobile WiFi hotspot. If I’m doing a lot of typing I use a cheap Bluetooth keyboard I picked up from eBay. On it I run Microsoft 365 (Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Planner and Edge), Termius SSH, Canva, Zoom, Screencast-o-Matic, NordVPN and Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. Now we can see how personas are used to help define what devices and software are most appropriate to work from remotely.

We invited our parenting expert, Anita Fletcher, to come back and talk us through how parents can deal with challenges around home-schooling and challenging behaviour. We also talked about what kids classrooms may look like in the months ahead. Working remotely presents some challenges to us physically as we try to adjust to an environment which is designed primarily for comfort and not necessarily for work.

Episode 22: Pride 2020 & workplace diversity

2020 has seen businesses forced to embrace remote working, whether they were ready or not. These conversations uncover insight and tips on how internal communication practitioners can navigate the tech and cultural changes that come with remote working. HR guru Gemma Dale is a lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University and runs her own business, The Work Consultancy, where she focuses on policy development, flexible and hybrid working and wellbeing. Her recently published book How to Work Remotely is a practical guide for those new to remote working, as well as those who’ve been working this way for years. There are many factors that influenced the decisions about my remote working setup. Firstly it needed to be lightweight, I’ve been through the lugging 3 laptops around everywhere phase, and remote working is much more pleasant if your bag doesn’t feel like it’s going to dislocate your shoulder.

  • If you’re used to the Canva web app on a PC then the Android and iOS versions take a bit of getting used to, but there’s very little you can’t do while out and about.
  • Spectrum.Life recently launched its Wellbeing Partnership with Munster Rugby, bringing the principles of High-Performance Leadership into the workplace.
  • We use the meeting transcription of Microsoft Teams and then use those notes to update our todo lists and project trackers.
  • As part of our Leadership in Lockdown series, we spoke with Sinead Proos, Head of Health & Wellbeing at Laya Healthcare, and with Claire Murray, Culture & Engagement Manager at Bank of Ireland.

The service requires full cookie support in order to view this website. The launch of our High Performance Preogramme with Munster Rugby has given us the opportunity to collaborate with some of the amazing talent who work behind the scenes to help Munster compete at the highest level. This week we spoke with Dr. Catherine Norton, who is a performance nutritionist and registered dietitian at UL and also with Dr. Patrick Ryan who is a Clinical Psychologist, Director of Psychology Department with UL. In this episode we spoke with Dr. John Sullivan, a Urologist based in New York and originally from Dublin, who has been working in University Hospital Brooklyn in a COVID-19 ward. New York has been the epicenter of the pandemic in the US, and we spoke with John as they reached the peak of the outbreak. As we enter our 7th week of living with the restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, we talk to Prof. Trish Kearney, who is an Epidemiologist in UCC.

– New – Parenting Series (3 Parts)

We ask how we got to where we are now, and how we can avoid a second wave of infection. Some of us may wish things wereeasier, but for others they just wish they were better themselves. In this podcast, we interviewed marathon runner Stephen Scullion and talked about how hard work, focus and discipline can help us through challenging times and enjoy rewards at the end of the journey. Many of us suffered from poor sleep before the COVID-19 outbreak, and unfortunately, the pandemic has created a host of new challenges for us all – even those of us who previously had no problems with sleep. In this podcast sleep Technician Deirdre McSwiney helps us navigate the perfect storm we currently find ourselves in when it comes to getting sufficient sleep.

Podcasts for Remote Workers

My guest this week is Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder of Globalization Partners. Nicole and her company work with many employers who are building global remote teams, and she has some valuable insights and experiences to share. Transportable remote workers will probably want a large screen laptop, or an external screen.

Ep 405: Global Remote Teams

There is an assumption within many organisations that, with the right technology and a suitable place to work, all employees will adapt quickly and effectively to remote working. Many of our expectations of work are, however, deeply embedded habits, so how easy is it to adapt to remote working? In this episode, Stephan Lucks, Managing Psychologist at Pearn Kandola, draws on our research into the psychology of remote working and explores the influence of individual differences in the way that we adapt to it.

  • In this podcast sleep Technician Deirdre McSwiney helps us navigate the perfect storm we currently find ourselves in when it comes to getting sufficient sleep.
  • Once recorded everything gets uploaded to OneDrive to ensure I have a backup and can easily access the recordings back at the office if I’m not editing while remote.
  • We also spoke about how best to look after our emotional wellbeing at times of heightened anxiety.
  • Parents everywhere are struggling with the challenges of working from home while looking after their children, and sometimes they can feel overwhelmed.

Mathew Hollingsworth and Tyler Sellhorn invite guests over, and they talk about their journeys, tips, tools and management concepts. The ambition is to help remote workers be more fruitful and fulfilled with their work. Working remotely personally gave me the flexibility and freedom to live in places that brought me happiness and financial stability.

Londoners would demand pay rise for office return

This allowed him to quit his job and employer of 24 years to work remotely and travel the world. On-site employees are also going to develop a better understanding of their roles in their organizations — how they fit in — than off-site employees. They will also be able understand more completely and deeply the culture of the organization. While technology makes remote work more and more feasible, companies are finding that keeping employees on site is more effective.

Podcasts for Remote Workers


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